Fix Your Makeup-Tuesday Tease 08/11/15



decorated cup cakes

We are getting closer!! August 28th is right around the corner.

This week’s Tuesday Tease comes to us straight from the kitchen–turn your eyes, kids, this isn’t gonna stay PG!

Copyright 2015 by S.J. Sawyer, all rights reserved.

Hot, warm breath tickles my ear, “it looks good enough to eat.”
“I’ve already told you—” I begin, but he cuts me off.
“Yes, I know. It’s not hygienic,” he says, moving away from me. I watch as he steps around the large metal table to grab one of the cupcakes. “I’m not sure that I care, though.”
Before I can stop him, Mason swipes a finger through the frosting and plops the large dollop of sugary goodness onto the cake, taking a bite then holding it out to me. If the boy didn’t look so damned sexy holding one of my own baked goods, I might have hit him. Instead, I lean over, careful to keep my hands clean, and take a small bite from him. A panty scorching smile flits across his face as he smooshes the cake into my face. I pull away, jerking my hands from the prep table in front of me, but it’s too late. The damage is done. My fingers fly toward my mouth, giving Mason the opportunity to rub the cupcake down onto my chest.
“Oops,” he smiles, tossing the small bite of remaining cake into his mouth then swiping his finger, THE SAME DANG FINGER, through the frosting once more. “I really didn’t mean to do that.”
“Mason! I swear to God above that—”
“Shh,” he replies, running the icing down my jawline. “Have some.”
He holds out the frosted finger in front of me, and my inner angel and devil are conflicted. The good one, all dressed in white with a harp and halo, is suggesting that I flee the scene of the filthy, disgusting crime before any further mischief can occur. There’s no telling how many germs are on his finger, now in the icing, and I most definitely should not stick it in my mouth. The very, very naughty one, in her sexy, red stilettos who sounds a hellofa lot like Mary Lou, suggests that I not only insert his finger but suck, as well.
The kitchen’s already been contaminated.
What’s it gonna hurt?