Fix Your Makeup-Tuesday Tease 08/18/15

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Nothing says friendship like a day in the sun…don’t miss the next installment of the Like A Lady serial.

Copyright 2015 by S.J. Sawyer, all rights reserved.


“What exactly is the point of this?” Emerson asks, ruining the peaceful tranquility. “I mean, are we supposed to go down the river?”
“Pretty much, doll,” Mary Lou tells her. “Here, have a beer!”
She reaches into the ice chest and passes over one of the fruity girl “beers” that we loaded up last night. “It’s barely noon!” Emerson exclaims, giggling nervously.
Ever since Mary Lou pointed out the darn giggling, it’s all I’ve been able to focus on. In fact, I fear that it might be having a negative impact on mine and Emerson’s relationship. She’s such a sweet person, but dang! That laugh is downright annoying when you are zeroing in on it constantly.
Mary Lou and Mel pass out drinks for everyone, and I take a water bottle instead of beer. They all chatter on about this or that, talking, but I don’t have anything to say. This day is absolutely perfect. At least, I think that until Mason slides over beside me, leaving some space between our bodies but lacing our fingers together. The warm sun shines down on my skin, bared almost everywhere, and it’s incredible. Now, it’s perfect. I can’t imagine how long this feeling will last, because I know that it will end, but I want to bottle up every little detail and keep them forever.