The American Sandbox Dictionary of Children's Mispronounced English

The American Sandbox Dictionary of Children's Mispronounced English

Author: Alfred Zamudio, Mya Zamudio

Format: Paperback

Pages: 158

ISBN: 9781933370637

Language: English

Publisher: Reedy Press

Release Date: September 01, 2010

Description du Livre

smoke-in-a-troll: A handheld device that operates the functions of an electronic device from a distance, which also has a strange tendency to disappear when used by children. Mom where's the smokinatroll? man-y-nems: A world-famous confection of milk chocolate with a hard candy shell that may not melt in your hands but will certainly have disastrous results if left in children's pockets for long periods of time. Mommy, can I have some more manynems? Mine are all melted! The American Sandbox Dictionary of Children's Mispronounced English is a compilation of the hilarious words children stumble over on a daily basis. Alvin Zamudio has collected the best entries from thousands of submissions from his popular website Parents from across the country have shared their kids' mispronunciations, you'll find many of them in this adorable, or adorabubble, volume.

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