Adult EEG: An Interactive Reading Session

Adult EEG: An Interactive Reading Session

Author: Richard P. Brenner, Mark L. Scheuer

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 9781620700228

Publisher: Demos Medical Publishing

Release Date: December 02, 2013

Description du Livre

[A] well-illustrated and interactive digital textbook on adult EEG and trends analysis... The authors of this DVD textbook set out to have what they describe as 'an interactive reading session.' They were most successful in this task. The reading sessions for adult EEG and trends were well done, with excellent figures...I would recommend this book for any student in the field who is interested in preparing for examinations or for more senior individuals who have perhaps not been active in the field and need an excellent review (or overview), and for old folks, like myself, who are interested in having as many teaching tools available to them to promote the field of EEG for the upcoming generation of EEGers."
Donald L. Schomer, Harvard Medical School, "Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology"
Now available in multiple formats, this fully interactive tool has been completely updated, remastered, and expanded. Designed to simulate an actual EEG lab reading session, "Adult EEG" teaches EEG interpretation to neurology residents, clinical neurophysiology fellows, neurologists, and neurodiagnostic technologists using more than 200 cases containing over 600 EEGs, and a self-testing section to reinforce learning. A wide variety of EEGs are presented illustrating the spectrum of neurologic pathologies in adults, including epilepsy, encephalopathies, stroke, degenerative disorders, comatose states, and more. Teaching points are highlighted in each case, making this the ideal vehicle for clinical self-assessment and board preparation. The second edition of this unique digital program features many new cases and questions and an improved user interface. Dr. Mark Scheuer joins Dr. Richard Brenner as co-author, and has prepared an entirely new module devoted to quantitative EEG and trending. The module includes a didactic section to help users understand how the technology works and findings are interpreted, and includes multi-layered cases from the ICU, Epilepsy Monitoring Unit, and ambulatory EEG settings. These cases illustrate the use of quantitative EEG trending and seizure detection during review of prolonged EEG recordings. The second edition is configured to run on MAC, PC, and iPad.

Features unique to this program Contains more than 200 cases covering the full gamut of adult neurology Includes new cases, questions, and an entirely new module devoted to quantitative EEG (QEEG) studies An interactive approach to learning Simulates an EEG reading session othe user can advance through cases in random order, by topic, or keyword A self-assessment practice quiz, with answers and rationales Simple navigation: all information can be accessed in either audio or text mode The second edition is configured for use on PC or Mac. Also available through iTunes for iPad"

System Requirements: Minimum System Requirements: 500 MHZ Pentuim III or equivalent Windows 98, 2000, XP, NT Macintosh OS10 256 MB RAM (512 MB Recommended)

Web Browser PC Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or higher and Mozilla Firefox 3+ Web Browser MAC Apple Safari 3+ Screen Resolution 1024 x 768

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