Learn How to Draw Portraits of People in Charcoal for the Beginner (Learn to Draw Book 27)

Learn How to Draw Portraits of People in Charcoal for the Beginner (Learn to Draw Book 27)

Author: John Davidson, Paolo Lopez de Leon

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 68

Language: English

Publisher: JD-Biz Corp Publishing

Release Date: March 16, 2014

Description du Livre

Learn How to Draw Portraits of People in Charcoal for the Beginner

Shaving the Charcoal
Rendering Using Charcoal
Lesson about Light
Drawing an Outline
Grid System
Tracing Table or Light Table / Flexi-glass with Bendable Lamp
Tips to Remember
Portrait of the Little Girl
How to render the Eyes
How to render the Nose
How to Render the Lips
How to Render the Ear
How to render the Face
How to render the Hair
How to render the Grown, Necklace and Earring
How to render the Background
Portrait of a Young Man
Couples Portrait
Couples Portrait 2
The Portrait of Grandfather Grant
Author Bio

First of all thank you for choosing this eBook, as your guide to the world of Charcoal Portraits, as we know is not a new thing, it was already been done by our ancestors long time ago inside their caves, and if we compare their drawings, it’s a reflection of how they live during their time, same as modern day paintings. Nowadays artist still use charcoal because of simplicity, various texture and effects it can create, painting with charcoal can make different Gray values, by that you can use it to draw any portraits you wish to work at, you may ask “Why just use pencil?”, well if you ask me Charcoal is more unique than pencil, it has darker tone even with different ranges compare to pencil and a finish work of charcoal is more life- like compared to pencil, so there is more dimension and depth to it. Another one that I consider why I like this medium is when I apply highlights to my drawing; it makes my drawing looks real as if my subject is in front of me. And if you’re fun of watching old reruns- movies, TV shows and even cartoons. I’m sure you’re going to love it too.

What will you get from this book? Well After you read and do the exercises in this eBook you will be drawing any Portraits you want. Believe me; this eBook covers all about Charcoals and techniques that will make it for you to draw Portraits easily using this medium. Exercise A. will teach you, how to render parts in the Face, and the rest of the Exercises will teach you the right approach of how you will draw your portraits: close-up shot, medium shot, doing a double subject portraits and half body portrait- including texture and a full background. So give your time by doing the exercises and in no time you will be a Portrait artist. So your best and have fun with Charcoal.

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