Words of a Feather: A Humorous Puzzlement of Etymological Pairs

Words of a Feather: A Humorous Puzzlement of Etymological Pairs

Author: Murray Suid, Jeremy Eaton

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 176

ISBN: 9780071477215

Language: English

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Release Date: September 11, 2006

Description du Livre

Dazzle your friends and family with your knowledge of word origins!

What's the connection between maneuver and manure? Between glamour and grammar? Anger and angina? At first glance, these words seem to have nothing in common, but in fact they are Words of a Feather, connected by their origins. This cleverly entertaining book explores the shared histories of 150 word pairs (called "dual etymologies") to give language lovers of all ages a fun and powerful vocabulary-building education that's sure to impress.

Adversary & Advertisement:

Both share the same root for "turn." An adversary is someone you don't want to turn away from, lest he shoot you in the back. An advertisement makes you turn toward it, so it can sell you something.

Affluence & Influence:

It's all about "flow." The affluent have a steady flow of cash; the influential have power flow. And if you're Bill Gates, you've got it all.

Flatulence & Inflation:

Both share the Latin flare, which means "to blow," although with inflate, the "wind" is incoming, a crucial difference.

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