Children's books ages 4-8. Parents, your child can easily read and learn about .. The 30 most common grammar and spelling errors. (childrens books ages 4-8, kindle books for children)

Children's books ages 4-8. Parents, your child can easily read and learn about .. The 30 most common grammar and spelling errors. (childrens books ages 4-8, kindle books for children)

Author: Nuhh Adam

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 39

Language: English

Description du Livre

Welcome to the series
Children's Books ages 4-8: Parents, your child can easily read and learn about ..
This book is part of a series of Children’s books; aged 4 to 8, where children can read and learn independently, getting children reading and learning 30 topics in each book, all in a fun and easy way.
The manner of writings and the aim of this series is..
1) To get your child to learn things by him/herself in an easy and fun way. So to this end, on the one hand, the books are not too easy to make them boring and on the other, they are not too difficult to get your child disheartened. This book and the series have been created with the middle ground in mind.
2) To get your child to progress from the simple and easy to the difficult and complex without realizing.
3) To be written and presented such, that your child can relate immediately to the contents. It reduces the abstract and relies upon your child’s own experience and understanding. It inspires them to making reading and learning fun and enlightening.
4) To include questions to get your child to think and then the answers are given/presented. Making your child thirsty to learn and building confidence. Thinking, “Oh I knew that!”
5) To make your child appreciate that just by reading for a few minutes, you gain so much knowledge. This should drive your child to wanting to explore the world by reading and reading the book till the end.
6) To spark the Childs’ curiosity and imagination. Your child will see the world beyond his/her surroundings. The series cover a wide spectrum of knowledge your child can gain. Reading has no limit!
7) To have each topic around 200 words in length, so your child’s concentration span and attention is retained and thus reduce boredom. The aim being to propel your child to want to read on and on.
8) To be a great companion to your child to take any where and every where! The book can be read at home, while travelling and at the bus stop. Any where! Read to them just before bedtime.
9) To be an aid to the school teacher and the caring parent. It takes great effort finding 30 appropriate topics on any subject. This series makes it easy for you.
10) To have 30 topics in each book. Why just 30 topics? The world class size average is around 30 pupils. The teacher can give a topic to each child and get each child to read, learn and teach the topic, making it fun, interacting and sociable for all. Making reading and learning fun.
11) To be part of your child’s educational well being, be it at home or at school.
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The 30 most common spelling and grammar errors .
In this book your child will learn about the 30 common spelling and grammar errors. It will alert your child the differences in the use of the words and the spellings. A simple example is Two, too and to. How and when to use them in an easy to understand. Other examples are where, wear and were; then and than etc. Your child will become aware of them and in time understand the difference.

Well and We’ll
Well and we'll sound a little bit different, but they look very similar. The difference is the little apostrophe between the 'e' and the first 'l' in we'll. Do you remember what an apostrophe in the middle of a word means?
We'll is another contraction. Can you guess what it means? We'll is a combination of We and will. A contraction is when we combine two words to make them one shorter word. Instead of saying we will go to the park after school, you can..

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