The Egypt of Hatshepsut (Ancient Egypt)

The Egypt of Hatshepsut (Ancient Egypt)

Author: T.D. Van Basten

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 76

Language: English

Publisher: History Plaza

Release Date: January 17, 2016

Description du Livre

Are you wondering who Hatshepsut is? Have you ever wondered what her life looked like? How she became the most powerful female to rule as pharaoh? Maybe you’re just passionate about ancient Egypt?
Born in an Egypt at the height of its influence and power. It’s time to walk a royal path and learn her secrets. The first female with great power in Egyptian history ruling as pharaoh. History was in the making. But how, why and when? I hear you ask.

The Egypt of Hatshepsut is the biography of her own unique story. You’ll be taken on a journey from her childhood to her adolescent life as the King of Egypt. This story is based on REAL events. I’ve studied and researched ancient Egypt for years, and deeply understand their history, culture and passion.

Groomed from the start to be a succesful woman. Hatshepsut went down as a legacy in history for many reasons. Discover THE WOMAN WHO WAS KING. The biography I present contains correct, engaging and organized information.

Hatshepsut, The Woman Who Was King.
Hatshepsut showed the world that a female could be a shrewd politician, successful leader AND be a fierce warrior. She oversaw an Egypt at the height of its power and prestige. She made major expeditions to rich, distant lands as a means of procuring additional wealth and resources for her nation, while maintaining power and command over all the nomes and outlying regions of territory. Respected by her nation and the entire world, she left an incredible legacy behind her.

What will you learn about the Egypt of Hatshepsut?
The true beginning of the New Kingdom. In-depth background information of the Thutmosid Dynasty. Childhood of the daughter of a king. Her romances and the path to the crown. The destruction of Hatshepsut’s legacy. Incredible information about her beautiful mortuary temple. How she changed the world forever.
Questions that are being explained in great detail.
Who was Hatshepsut? How did she become king? What has Hatshepsut accomplished? How did she grow up? What was the name of her father? What happened to Egypt after she died?

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