Quickie Sampler Box Set Volume I: Gang Collection Quickies 4, 8 & 9

Quickie Sampler Box Set Volume I: Gang Collection Quickies 4, 8 & 9

Author: Raven Morcoque

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 53

Language: English

Publisher: The Morcoque Sisters

Release Date: April 04, 2016

Description du Livre

Stories included in this Box Set:
The Anniversary Gang: (Too Many to Count) Gang Collection Quickie #4
Billionaire Heir: (Alpha Bosses) Gang Collection Quickie #8
The Photoshoot: (In Front of the Camera) Gang Collection Quickie #9

The Anniversary Gang:

Joshua and Olivia have been dating for a year. To celebrate their anniversary, Joshua has a special gift for Olivia.

The night of their first date Olivia shared her deepest, darkest fantasy. Tonight Joshua has arranged to make it a reality with the help of some friends. Unfortunately poor Olivia doesn't remember exactly what she revealed a year ago.

What does Joshua have planned for the evening? Will Olivia accept his gift? What exactly is Olivia's intimate fantasy?

Approximate length: 5500+ Word Short Story

Billionaire Heir:

Jesse works for the most respected advertising agency in town. When the personal assistant of the three owners goes on maternity leave, they offer Jesse the position.

At first the sexy billionaires are very secretive about what the job entails. When Troy offers to take Jesse to dinner to fill in the details, she jumps at the invitation. Over dinner she learns the shocking truth about who fathered their last assistant's baby.

What exactly do these alpha males expect from their personal assistant? Will Jesse accept the promotion? What will happen if she rejects their offer?

Approximate length: 6000+ Word Short Story

The Photoshoot:

The modeling work Lena has done in the past has been for G-rated print advertising. She's ready to expand her portfolio and get more exposure.

Lena's go-to photographer, Frank, has the perfect job for her and four male models. Lena thinks she's ready for the lingerie ad, but she didn't anticipate her hot co-stars distracting her. Now Frank reveals he has a special client who wants a private collection of photos, and offers her the gig.

How will Lena manage to keep her composure while scantily clad in front of so many men? How far is she willing to go to satisfy Frank's mysterious client?

Approximate length: 6000+ Word Short Story

About the Gang Collection

Raven Morcoque created the Gang Collection for readers who believe a woman shouldn't settle for just one man. Each of the short stories centers on a woman who believes "the more, the merrier."

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