Democracy, Citizenship and International Community: What is Democracy?

Democracy, Citizenship and International Community: What is Democracy?

Author: Diana Rogers

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 71

Language: English

Description du Livre

My research topic is Democracy.
My first chapter underlines the role of Leadership within a democratic society.
The second chapter answers the following question: What is Democracy?
The next chapter is a historical glance regarding Democracy in the World.
The final chapter establishes the connection between citizenship and community.
This chapter brings about new concepts such as: international citizenship and European citizenship.
The emphasis is on the new wave of building transnational communities.
The international community is one concept that has been brought forth in the past few decades with the mild intent of building what was recently termed as the global democracy or global democratic society.

Democracy, Citizenship and International Community

What is Democracy?

by Diana Rogers

Table of Contents

1. Charismatic Leadership. The Political Leader emerged from the Crowd
2. What is Democracy?
3. Democracy in the World. Historical Glance
3.1. The struggle for Democracy in Europe
3.1.1. Theories on European Revolutions
3.1.2. Western Europe
3.1.3. Democracy in Eastern and Central Europe
3.1.4. Democracy in Eurasia
3.1.5. Democracy after the fall of the Berlin Wall
3.2. The struggle for Democracy in US
3.2.1. The birth of the US electoral democracy
3.2.2. The Birth of the United States of America
3.2.3. The extension of the suffrage base to women
3.2.4. A lesson in the history of Democracy and a living proof of the American Dream Struggling for Freedom and achieving it The Civil Rights Movement and its vocational messianic leader Barrack Obama. The ultimate pacifier leader of the world
3.3. The South African Revolution towards Democracy
3.4. Latin America’s “wavering democracies”
3.5. The Arab Spring
3.6. Freedom in the World (2013)
4. Ideologies in the Post-modern Era. Was it the End of Time?
4.1. Contemporaneous Doctrines and Ideologies
4.2. Shaping the mainstream climate of opinion
4.3. Conclusions. Was it the End of Time?
5. Citizenship and Community
5.1. Building the “nation”. Constructing the national identity
5.2. Citizenship
5.3. Civic citizenship
5.4. Building transnational communities
5.4.1. EU and European citizenship
5.4.2. The International Community. UN and International citizenship
6. General References and Further Readings

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