WISDOM OF ANCIENT INDIA: (Inner Journey for Health and Peace)

WISDOM OF ANCIENT INDIA: (Inner Journey for Health and Peace)

Author: Nanduri Sri Sairam

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 161

Language: English

Publisher: Nanduri Sri Sairam

Release Date: October 27, 2016

Description du Livre

A couple of incidents motivated me and inspired me to write this book. This book will reveal you, many powerful techniques to heal yourself in a very natural way and live long and vibrant life. By using these techniques you can rectify various deformities, disorders without using any allopathic medicines. They cause some times irreversible side effects. These techniques teach you how to talk to your body cells and particularly with Genes. Our Vedas and Upanishads spoke a lot about the Aakashic record. They said the entire Brahmanda is within us. Whatever happens with in the Brahmanda inside you, will also affect your own Aakashik record. Each person’s Life is preserved and Filed in the Aakash. This book tries to explain the ancient wisdom of Bharath in a scientific way. This book also explains in a scientific way about the hidden secrets (knowledge) of performing Homas, Pujas, etc. There is a tremendous potential in every human being but we have closed the door. This book will help you to open the invisible doors and allow the tremendous potential healing energy which leads you, to enjoy inner peace and joy. When we understand the greatness of our Swadharma we also become a Light Worker and a Light Warrior and spread your own fragrance of peace and love to others.

This book will also tell you about the real identity and the role played by our Maharshis who are the real Hero’s and Patriots. Unfortunately the rulers of India were completely ignorant and neglected and destroyed this knowledge. After gaining Independence, Unfortunately no true Indian knowing the wisdom of Swadharma ruled this country. They implemented Paradharma which was handed over by the Britishers, which completely destroyed our education system, culture and wisdom. Out of 70 years of Independence only three leaders were true Indians.

This is a small step for a long journey to travel inside to experience the Quantum healing, and enjoy the eternal happiness and health.

Read many other fascinating and inspiring realities which would make you feel proud about the knowledge of MAHAAN BHARATH


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