An Undesirable Duke

An Undesirable Duke

Author: Ella J. Quince

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 219

Language: English

Description du Livre

She’s been waiting five years to see him again…
After a fateful meeting in Hyde Park, Violet fears she’s lost her heart to a man who’s disappeared from society. But now he’s returned, and the rumors are he’s grossly disfigured and fit for Bedlam. The papers have dubbed him The Undesirable Duke, but Violet will not be persuaded to forget him until she sees the man he’s become for herself. As destiny would have it, she is one of the few debutants invited to Selbourne Castle to be considered for the role of Duchess of Selbourne.

A bride for the beast?
Rumor abounds, but it isn’t Weirick who needs a wife. If he means to leave England once and for all, he must see his brother married and settled beforehand. Not just any bride will do. Only a few are invited to Selbourne Castle for his brother to choose from, wallflowers all of them…except one. She’s haunted his dreams for five years, but Weirick never thought he’d set eyes on Violet Everly again.

He will not see her wed to his brother, but he dare not keep her for himself

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