Dick Plays in Drug Traffic (Dick Avery Adventure Stories Book 2)

Dick Plays in Drug Traffic (Dick Avery Adventure Stories Book 2)

Author: Richard Avery

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 209

Publisher: Tell-Tale Publishing Group, LLC

Release Date: November 05, 2017

Description du Livre

In Dick Plays in Drug Traffic, retired Special Agent Dick Avery is recalled by the Diplomatic Security Service to track down and kill or capture Kris Amar, the Death Master of Banaras. Either outcome will do and pay a two million dollar price tag on the fugitive's head. Bad blood didn't begin to describe the hatred between the two archenemies. Amar had escaped justice and Dick while in this native India and now Dick has discovered his whereabouts in the heart of the Golden Triangle. Amar is up to his old tricks by smuggling opium to finance his jihadist brothers fighting the holy war in the Middle East in the name of Allah. The manhunt is on and only one would survive when they next meet!

Please join Dick Avery as he travels the world for the State Department's Diplomatic Security Service and upholds truth, justice and the American Way!

Okay, we admit Dick's not the most politically correct agent alive, and he sometimes bumbles and reminds us of what happens when you cross a certain French Inspector with a British Legume to produce an American Dick, but you have to admit that he's as cute as a pink Rottweiler when he's on the scent of a good case! Who says you can't teach an ole dog new tricks?

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