Shadow Of The Ring

Shadow Of The Ring

Author: Michael Anderle

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 242

Publisher: LMBPN Publishing

Release Date: February 07, 2019

Description du Livre

James achieved something epic with his proposal. Now it is Shay’s turn.

In planning the wedding, the tomb raider soon finds she sympathizes with what James had to go through. How does someone top something so special?

The world’s mightiest class-six bounty hunter believes he’s conquered his amulet. The symbiont’s dark whispers no longer push him out of control, but a new enemy has decided LA should be his stomping grounds and threatens to break through James’ hard-earned discipline.

James believes the end of the summer will be nothing but delicious barbecue and family time, but when the Professor offers Shay a job in a magical forbidden zone, the bounty hunter is going to be put to the test helping her against deadly enemies.

Will James be able to take on bizarre foes he’s never before faced?

The twin threats of the Nine Systems Alliance and the Vax continue to hang over not only James but the entire world.

How far is one man willing to go to protect his home and loved ones?

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Andrée Bédard
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Blanchefle Morneau
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Gradasso Martel
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Émilie Aucoin
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