The Cosmos in the Cauldron: Combining the wisdom of astrology and the innate intelligence of plants and minerals to heal and grow

The Cosmos in the Cauldron: Combining the wisdom of astrology and the innate intelligence of plants and minerals to heal and grow

Author: Mark Wells, Annie Simon

Format: Paperback

Pages: 154

ISBN: 9780646997704

Publisher: Wells Naturopathic Centre

Release Date: February 19, 2019

Description du Livre

I wrote this book with Annie Simon to remind people of the existence of practical and natural tools, in the form of flower essences and tissue salts, that can help to maintain physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing throughout life. We also wanted to show how each person's astrological natal chart can give pointers to which remedies will be most useful. Each person can then use this information to self-prescribe or work with a qualified practitioner to select the most appropriate flower essences and tissue salts for their needs.

Astrology can assist greatly in gaining self-knowledge. A study of key elements of your natal chart (which can be thought of as a snapshot of cosmic conditions at the time you were born) can bring deep insights into underlying influences that lie at the root of our strengths and also our vulnerabilities, susceptibilities and, ultimately, physical health issues. This book aims to share this wisdom of self-understanding by examining a range of possible relationships (known as aspects) between elements within the natal chart which most directly affect our health and wellbeing. For each aspect of the natal chart under discussion, two or three flower essence or tissue salt options are offered. As you consider each of them, it will become clear which ones match you on a physical, emotional and psychological level. These 'best match' remedies have a deep action that can bring about profound and positive changes in your overall health and wellbeing.

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