How I lived in NYC, LA, San Diego, San Francisco, Hawaii, and Miami in 1 Year!: Travel Moving Guide Step by Step how I explored cities quality of life, ... careers, dating, socializing & hobbies.

How I lived in NYC, LA, San Diego, San Francisco, Hawaii, and Miami in 1 Year!: Travel Moving Guide Step by Step how I explored cities quality of life, ... careers, dating, socializing & hobbies.

Author: Ronen Rybner

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 50

Description du Livre

Hey guys and girls, this will be a guide from my personal experiences moving around searching for a better qualify of life through comparing pluses and minus of various cities. I guess I had too much fun with funny, interesting, and extreme times as my best friend, sister, and several strangers I met in passing keep telling me to write a book when they hear my experiences, so here it goes.

Just a bit of a background about me, I was 27 years old when I decided on this traveling endeavor after I finished my Masters in Business and had enough of the NYC lifestyle where I grew up. I was free to travel as I pleased since I wasn’t in a relationship or a career at the moment so thought why not go explore to travel and learn what opportunities may arise elsewhere.

Heads up I’m free styling writing this is you haven’t noticed so far for you English grammar majors out there I am not a writer just liked math, gym and lunch in school lol . So here goes, originally the plan was to try to live in 4 different cities that I chose from the sense of good weather they have. I believe weather is in important factor in your future quality of life as it effects people’s behavior, mindset, lifestyle and hobbies. I decided on Los Angeles, San Diego, Hawaii and Miami. Now as you probably know plans usually don’t happen as planned and thus I ended up living in 14 cities in total two years after this 1
year adventure.

I was raised in Brooklyn NY and lived my adult life in Staten Island NY. Most people get comfortable where they are raised or lived most of their life and are scared of change. Initially I moved to LA as I had organized then the travel ride began and the more I lived alone far from any family, friends, connections, or anything I was familiar and used to I become less fearful of change and more spontaneous. This created more and more confidence to keep going so after LA I lived in San Diego, San Francisco, Hawaii, Miami, West Orange NJ, Tampa Florida, Medellin Colombia, Netanya/Tel Aviv Israel, Jackson NJ, and lastly the Bronx, NY. I will discuss the main opportunities when it comes to the first 5 of these cities from my perspective which was my 1st venture in traveling. I came looking to learn the culture of the people, seek job opportunities with my degree, experience the dating life, social life to find new friends and new hobbies to enjoy. Basically to understand how adapting to the new environment can be possible with an income, personal life, and social life in those surroundings.

Also I traveled to different countries briefly of which I can elaborate on how to do so as easy as I did with certain travel tips. Places such as Canada, Poland, Mexico, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Paris, and London. Each of these nations left a memory and a story in my life as I never did much of the ordinary I notice with funny unique events that kept making friends and strangers insist I write about it.

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