Psychic Prison

Psychic Prison

Author: Avery Song, Veronica Agnus

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 508

Description du Livre

When a Monarch is Marked, they go from master to prisoner. Their fate? Determined by the one who Marked them.

Alisha Butterfly is my name, and on Friday the 13th, I was found guilty of the massacre of a bunch of criminals — people I have no memory of killing. Amnesia wasn't a good enough excuse to get me into the mental ward and so I was tossed into the depths of the Psychic Prison for Supernaturals.

Now I’m a Marked puppet with bad luck on my side and a master waiting for me at my cell. But questions — and problems — arise when that one master turns out to be four and I learn I’m more than just a trapped butterfly.

To them, a Marked Monarch is a slave to their every command. But I’m more than that. I'm powerful and I will rise from the depths of this prison and exact my revenge on whomever sentenced me here.

I'll cocoon myself within these grim walls and do what my masters tell me. Let them abuse, strengthen, and train me for what's to come, for time will be my ally until I transform and regain what is rightfully mine.

I will reclaim my supernatural monarchy.

Psychic Prison is a Paranormal Prison Romance.

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