Moses: Prince of Egypt

Moses: Prince of Egypt

Author: Howard Fast

Format: Paperback

Pages: 413

ISBN: 9780671039110

Language: English

Publisher: iBooks

Release Date: April 01, 2000

Description du Livre

From the author of Spartacus and Freedom Road, comes a novel of the Bible's greatest freedom fighter, the rebellious prince of Egypt, Moses! This definitive new edition of Howard Fast's riveting novel portrays the early years of the man who would lead his people out of slavery to freedom. In Moses, Howard Fast uses his widely acclaimed storytelling skills to paint a portrait of the most fascinating figure of the Bible. The child Moses grows to adulthood in the royal household of Ramses II, surrounded by the political factions, sending, but not fully understanding, the paradox of his singular position.

Through the strikingly contrasting events of Moses? epic life, Howard Fast traces the growth of his character as a biblical hero. an outsider in the court of Egypt, Moses sees the corruption and decadence of the royal family for what it is. Their autocracy acts as a forge for his moral character.

Fast takes us into the white house above the first cataract as Moses experiences his first love; watches as Moses endures the savage Egyptian campaigning against the black men of Kush; and recalls the young man's rebellion against the Egyptian priesthood.

Renouncing his royal trappings, Moses casts his lot with his own enslaved people, the Jews, and becomes, for all time, an inspiration to the world.


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