The Third Man: Life at the Heart of New Labour

The Third Man: Life at the Heart of New Labour

Author: Peter Mandelson

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 566

ISBN: 9780007395286

Language: English

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

Release Date: September 01, 2010

Description du Livre

The revelatory memoir of one of New Labor’s three founding architects is devoted to the "soap opera" years of Labour government and the breakdown of relationships between Mandelson, Tony Blair, and Gordon Brown
Drawing heavily on detailed diary notes he took during the events that shaped the British government for more than 25 years. Peter Mandelson tells his story of a life played out in the back rooms and on the front lines of the Labour Party during its unprecedented three terms in government in this mixture of autobiography, personal reflection, and political history. He began writing the book while serving as European Commissioner and completed it since leaving office in May 2010. His revelations include that the relationship between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown became so hostile that Blair described his chancellor as "mad, bad, dangerous, and beyond redemption" and likened Brown's behaviour to that of a "mafioso" in his dealings with him. Much has been written about Mandelson as the person at the heart of the New Labour project, but here is the unvarnished truth from the man himself. 

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