The Fall and Rise of China

The Fall and Rise of China

Author: Richard Baum

Format: Audio CD

Pages: 24

ISBN: 9781598036404

Language: English

Publisher: The Teaching Company

Release Date: October 21, 2020

Description du Livre

The Fall and Rise of China, taught by China expert and Professor Richard Baum of the University of California, Los Angeles, brings to vivid life the human struggles, the titanic political upheavals, and the spectacular speed of China's modern rebirth. Offering multilevel insight into one of the most astounding real-life dramas of modern history, The Fall and Rise of China weaves together the richly diverse developments and sociopolitical currents that created the China we now see in the headlines.

As we enter what some are already calling the "Chinese century," the role of China is deeply fundamental to our reading of the direction of world civilization and history. In 48 penetrating lectures, The Fall and Rise of China takes you to the heart of the events behind China's new global presence, leaving you with a clear view of both the story itself and its critical implications for our world.

Course Lecture Titles
48 Lectures, 30 minutes per lecture
1. The Splendor That Was China, 600–1700
2. Malthus and Manchu Hubris, 1730–1800
3. Barbarians at the Gate, 1800–1860
4. Rural Misery and Rebellion, 1842–1860
5. The Self-Strengthening Movement, 1860–1890
6. Hundred Days of Reform and the Boxer Uprising
7. The End of Empire, 1900–1911
8. The Failed Republic, 1912–1919
9. The Birth of Chinese Communism, 1917–1925
10. Chiang, Mao, and Civil War, 1926–1934
11. The Republican Experiment, 1927–1937
12. "Resist Japan!" 1937–1945
13. Chiang's Last Stand, 1945–1949
14. "The Chinese People Have Stood Up!"
15. Korea, Taiwan, and the Cold War, 1950–1954
16. Socialist Transformation, 1953–1957
17. Cracks in the Monolith, 1957–1958
18. The Great Leap Forward, 1958–1960
19. Demise of the Great Leap Forward, 1959–1962
20. "Never Forget Class Struggle!" 1962–1965
21. "Long Live Chairman Mao!" 1964–1965
22. Mao's Last Revolution Begins, 1965–1966
23. The Children's Crusade, 1966–1967
24. The Storm Subsides, 1968–1969
25. The Sino-Soviet War of Nerves, 1964–1969
26. Nixon, Kissinger, and China, 1969–1972
27. Mao's Deterioration and Death, 1971–1976
28. The Legacy of Mao Zedong—An Appraisal
29. The Post-Mao Interregnum, 1976–1977
30. Hua Guofeng and the Four Modernizations
31. Deng Takes Command, 1978–1979
32. The Historic Third Plenum, 1978
33. The "Normalization" of U.S.-China Relations
34. Deng Consolidates His Power, 1979–1980
35. Socialist Democracy and the Rule of Law
36. Burying Mao, 1981–1983
37. "To Get Rich Is Glorious," 1982–1986
38. The Fault Lines of Reform, 1984–1987
39. The Road to Tiananmen, 1987–1989
40. The Empire Strikes Back, 1989
41. After the Deluge, 1989–1992
42. The "Roaring Nineties," 1992–1999
43. The Rise of Chinese Nationalism, 1993–2001
44. China's Lost Territories—Taiwan, Hong Kong
45. China in the New Millennium, 2000–2008
46. China's Information Revolution
47. "One World, One Dream"—The 2008 Olympics
48. China's Rise—The Sleeping Giant Stirs

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